Turquoisematrix Inc. has been in business since 2008. My mission is to provide the highest quality turquoise and variscite from around the world. To do this, I work with miners, collectors and 'old timers' to source the very best stone possible. I'm fortunate to be located in Colorado, allowing me to interact directly with the miners here in the Southwest, along with the extensive mining families who have lived and actively mined turquoise in this area for many generations. 

The majority of the stones you see in my shop are cut by professional lapidaries here in Colorado and New Mexico. Of the three cutters I work with, two come from turquoise mining families dating back over 140 years. You can tell by the quality of the cut of my stones, these guys know what they're doing. 

I've been passionate about turquoise ever since I moved west from New Jersey in 1995. In Colorado I was quickly introduced to the silver and turquoise traditions of both Tibetan and Native American cultures. In 2005 I learned how to smith silver and set up my first basic shop. At that time it was very difficult to source quality turquoise, especially stones from American mines. It took me many years before I built relationships within the community that allowed me to source the kind of rock I envisioned for my jewelry. Many of those relationships are still active to this day. 

Now in its 13th year, I'm proud to say that turquoisematrix is still running strong. I attribute the success of this endeavor to honesty, integrity and tireless hard work - all fueled by an obsession for turquoise that won't leave me alone! In every case I do my best to source my material ethically and to represent what's being sold clearly. In the end, the stones speak for themselves. 

Thanks for tuning in here! I believe strongly in this community and am excited every time a stone leaves my possession and becomes yours.

With gratitude,